League Registration

If you have any questions regarding programs offered at BETC, please contact Lawson Mansfield at club ext 24 or by email.

Current Club Ratings (Excel, Sortable)
Current League Information (Prices, Skip Dates, etc.)

Winter 2022

Registration: Nov 28th (5pm) – Dec 12th (5pm)

This 3-month league session runs from the beginning of January to the end of March

Spring 2022

Registration: Feb 27th (5pm) – Mar 13th (5pm)

This 3-month league session runs from the beginning of April to the end of June.

Summer 2022

Registration: May 29th (5pm) – June 12th (5pm)

This 3-month league session runs from the beginning of July to the end of September.

Fall 2022

Registration: Aug 28th (5pm) – Sept 11th (5pm)

This 3-month league session runs from the beginning of October to the end of December.

Each league varies in length (# of weeks) based on skip dates for Holidays and Tournaments.
No charges are paid during the open registration process. League fees are collected in full once final rosters have been completed prior to the start of each league session.
If you want to sub in any league, you do not need to register. Please email the coordinator at any time to be added to the league sub list.

Doubles Leagues cost $6.50 per week

Singles Leagues cost $13.00 per week

You do not need to log in to the Member Portal to register. Just click the link below.

Tennis Leagues and Coordinators

MONDAYSenior Men's DoublesAll 9:30AMDon Coon
MONDAYWomen's Doubles3.0-3.511:00AMTanna Davenport
MONDAYMen's Singles4.03:30PMTim Colligan
MONDAYMen's Doubles4.0 5:00PMTim Colligan
MONDAYMixed DoublesAll 6:30PMHerman Chin
MONDAYMixed DoublesPartners 8.0-9.0 8:00PMEd Steele
TUESDAYWomen's Doubles3.5+11:00AMHappy Grove
TUESDAYMen's Singles4.53:30PMMike Lorrain
TUESDAYMen's DoublesPartners 8.0-9.05:00PMMark Furumasu
TUESDAYWomen's Doubles3.0 6:30PMJuliet Wu
WEDNESDAYMen's Singles3.53:30PMDavid Foss
WEDNESDAYMen's Doubles3.5 5:00PMLarry Kucera
WEDNESDAYWomen's Doubles4.5-5.0 6:30PMLaurie Furumasu
WEDNESDAYMen's DoublesPartners 9.0+ 6:30PMTuan Nguyen
THURSDAYSenior Men's DoublesAll 9:30AMDon Coon
THURSDAYMen's Doubles2.5 - 3.05:00PMDarrell Storvick
THURSDAYWomen's Doubles3.56:30PMSheri Borden
THURSDAYWomen's Doubles4.08:00PMKristin Gallagher
FRIDAYMen's Singles4.0 - 4.53:30PMHuadong Gai
FRIDAYMixed Doubles2.5 - 3.06:30PMHerman Chin

Racquetball League

MONDAYRacquetballIntermediate4:30-7:30 PMLarry Kucera

Before signing up

Before signing up, members (primary and spouses) should make sure their online profile is up to date. The program will use your Name and birthday to verify your membership type, email and phone numbers we have on file. Please update before you register. Only the Primary Account Holder can edit the Data. Once the Primary has logged-in,  go the View my info link in the left-screen-menu then click edit to update missing data. The primary can switch to other family members using the drop down next to the member name.

Club ratings are used for “Skill Level Specific” leagues. If you do not have a club rating you are limited to leagues that indicate “All Levels.” Need a club rating? Sign-up for an adult group class or schedule a private lesson with a BETC Pro. Remember to let the Pro know that you need a club rating. If you have a USTA rating we can use that without a club review. The POINT 5 RULE: You cannot have a Club rating more than .5 greater than your USTA rating. If you need more info about a club rating please contact Head Pro Allan Overland (club Ext 31, email)

Junior members (under 18 year of age) are not allowed to sign up for leagues but are eligible to sub if no adult members are available. Contact the individual coordinators about subbing in their league. Members  turning 18 are eligible to signup for Adult Leagues but need an Adult Club Rating (a level 4 Junior is not a level 4 adult). Contact Member Services about changing you age status and Contact Head Pro Allan Overland (club Ext 31, email) about an new club rating.

Check current ratings here: Club Ratings (Excel, Sortable and Printable)

Updated 2/25/2022

League Selection Process

A couple of general rules that will be true in all leagues:

  • Share members get in before Associate members in all leagues
  • Signup Order matters
  • Everyone should have a club rating
  • All Qualified skill level players are equal / no further club rating sorts.
  • Juniors (Members under the age of 18) are not allowed to register.

League Selection Process

General League Rules


Reviews on club ratings can be requested by a member for himself/herself or by a member for another person. The review process will be performed by at least 2 club pros and scores or other data may be requested from league coordinators. The Club’s Head Pro or appointee will communicate the results of the review to staff to update the records. The link to a Club Rating Review form is listed below.

Club Rating Review Form