Boeing Employees Tennis Club

The Boeing Employees Tennis Club (BETC) is located in Kent, Washington. It has 9 indoor tennis courts, 2 racquetball courts, locker room facilities and a small array of exercise equipment. The owner/members are Boeing Employees, retirees,  and contractors or vendors of the Boeing Company. Additional memberships include public members (Associates), Summer and Juniors. It is a 501-C7 non-profit owned by its Boeing Employee share members. The Club is governed under the Boeing Recreation umbrella and the Pro-99.

Our Mission

The Boeing Employees Tennis Club is a service provider for a low cost, safe and fully programmed tennis facility. At BETC, our mission and values are to help people discover, share, and play, to their full potential, the sport of tennis while retaining a fiscal responsibility to the membership. BETC endeavors to provide a quality service, with the highest membership satisfaction while honoring integrity and good community citizenship. BETC is a diverse and involved team of people working together for the member’s care.

Club History

BETC is one of many Boeing Company sponsored clubs administered by the Seattle Services Division through the Recreation Unit. The Club was founded in 1959 by Winnie Lim and Gary Clifford to present a tennis program for Boeing employees on public outdoor courts. Original programs included instruction, leagues, ladder play, interclub matches, tournaments, and finally a banquet at the end of the year. Participation for all these events required public park courts in Seattle and Bellevue. 

Membership averaged 200 persons until January 1973 when BETC, in coordination with Boeing, installed eight indoor tennis courts in the then unused Thompson Site (14.01 building.) Club membership jumped to 600. In October 1974, in anticipation of losing the 14.01 courts, BETC developed a plan which described the construction and operation of its own permanent indoor tennis facility. Following review and approval by Boeing, BETC incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)7, obtained pledges of support from an initial membership of 250, and secured bank financing. The BETC membership began play June 1, 1976. The facility and its program were so successful that the Club was expanded in 1979 with the addition of three more indoor tennis courts and two racquetball/handball courts (Picture above is architect Eugene Mushkin’s rendering of the expansion.)