SMASH Features

  • 7 directional settings with programmable random
  • Variable topspin and backspin
  • Set the velocity, height and feed rate
  • Remote control to power the machine on and off from your side of the net

Ball machine rental is just $4.50 in addition to your court fee.

Machines are only available on Courts 4-9 and subject to availability. You can book a machine with your online court reservation, over the phone or at the Club

General Rules

  • Ball machines can be picked up and returned by Court 7
  • Please complete ball clean-up prior to the end of your session
  • Remember to check behind curtains for balls
  • Use the attached sweeper to collect ball fuzz in front of the machine
  • Do not run over the power cord with ball mowers
  • Not sure how to use the machine? Check with the Front Desk!