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If you have any questions regarding programs offered at BETC, please contact Lawson Mansfield at club ext 24 or by email.

Registration for Winter 2020 Leagues is now closed
This league session runs from the beginning of January through the end of March.


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Leagues Offered and Coordinators (PDF)

Before signing up, members should make sure their online profile is up to date. The program will use your email and phone numbers we have on file. Please update before you register. On the menu bar above: go to My Account / Profile. Members will be able to register themselves and their spouse, so update your spouse’s information also.

Club ratings are used for "Skill Level Specific" leagues. If you do not have a club rating you are limited to leagues that indicate “All Levels.” Need a club rating? Sign-up for an adult group class or schedule a private lesson with a BETC Pro. Remember to let the Pro know that you need a club rating. If you have a USTA rating we can use that without a club review. The POINT 5 RULE: You cannot have a Club rating more than .5 greater than your USTA rating. If you need more info about a club rating please contact Head Pro Allan Overland (club Ext 31, email)

Junior members (under 18 year of age) are not allowed to sign up for leagues but are eligible to sub if no adult members are available. Contact the individual coordinators about subbing in their league. Members  turning 18 are eligible to signup for Adult Leagues but need an Adult Club Rating (a level 4 Junior is not a level 4 adult). Contact Member Services about changing you age status and Contact Head Pro Allan Overland (club Ext 31, email) about an new club rating.


Check current ratings here: Club Ratings (Excel, Sortable, and Printable)


League Selection Process


Process #1 - All Skill Level Leagues                  

  1. Share members are selected in order of registration.
  2. Associate members are selected in order of registration.    
  3. No Club Rating restrictions.     


Process #2 - Skill Level Specific Leagues         

  1. Same as Process #1.   
  2. Selection is based on your club rating - Preferred League Level is indicated.     
  3. Players +/- .5 the preferred level can register but get in last (Share then Assoc). 


Process #3 - Mixed Leagues (Partner not required)                   

  1. Same as Process #2.   
  2. An equal number of male and female players will be selected.   


Process #4 - Partnered Leagues                      

  1. Same as Process #2.   
  2. The players' combined club rating must meet the Preferred League Level (+/- .5.)           
  3. Only 1 point difference is allowed between partners (penalty - bottom of the list.)
  4. Selection order is based on Combined Club Rating.
  5. Equal Combined Ratings are sorted by Team Membership Types:         

                        1st -Share/ Share, 2nd Share / Assoc,  3rd - Assoc / Assoc

General League Rules


Reviews on club ratings can be requested by a member for himself/herself or by a member for another person. The review process will be performed by at least 2 club pros and scores or other data may be requested from league coordinators. The Club's Head Pro or appointee will communicate the results of the review to staff to update the records. The link to a Club Rating Review form is listed below. Club Rating Review Form