Adult Classes

Classes at BETC provide outstanding instruction in a fun, group setting. Our USPTA certified instructors teach the game to all ability levels, from beginners to nationally ranked tournament players.

Online monthly class registration is available to past and current students. New students need to contact BETC directly for more information. Guests will see a lesson guest fee added to their cart after "shopping for" and selecting each class. (Note:  Class registration is not confirmed until after payment is submitted.)

How to Register Online
Winter Class Schedule (January-March)

You may sign up for drop-ins by contacting the Front Desk or your instructor.

Class Descriptions

Beginner (Level 1 and 2)

Level 1 (USTA/Club Rating 1.0-2.0) is for the player with limited or no experience and is just learning how to keep the ball in play. Emphasis will be placed on basic stroke production and court positioning. Drills and games will be utilized to reinforce the topics covered. Level 2 (USTA/Club Rating 2.0-2.5) is for the player who has had some experience and is capable of sustaining a short rally. Stroke technique, court coverage and strategy will be covered through drills and games.

Intermediate (Level 3)

Level 3 (USTA/Club Rating 2.5-3.0) is for the player who is comfortable sustaining a rally at a slower pace and has some directional control. Emphasis will be placed on increasing power and control through technique, drills and games. Strategy for competing at the 3.0 level will be covered.

Advanced (Level 4)

Level 4 (USTA/Club Rating 3.0-3.5) is for the player who has several years of experience, and has the ability to hit the ball with power and direction but may lack some consistency. Advanced techniques and strategies will be covered.

Wimbledon Workout

Wimbledon Workout (USTA/Club Rating 3.5+) includes tournament and league strategies and streWe currently offer two Wimbledon Workouts per week with Head Pro Allan Overland. These classes are for accomplished tournament and league players who want to refine his or her shots as well as get into top physical and playmaking shape.

Cardio Tennis

BETC's nationally accredited program is open to all levels and incorporates fitness, music, special cardio tennis balls and socializing to make a fun and energetic experience. The purpose of the games-based class is to work players into their optimum target heart rates. Workouts feature fun singles and doubles games and lots of teamwork. Coach Daniel Cotton is Cardio Tennis Accredited.